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About Andrews Lawncare

Andrews Lawncare has been in business since 2014, having a reputation for great customer service and professionalism. Andrew started the company when he was 14, in Freshman Year of High School. He continued to grow the business year after year. In 2020, Andrew combined forces with Charles A Cut Above Lawn and Tree Service owned by Mitchel Engel. Together Andrew and Mitchel, have the same vision of having the best customer service and quality. 

Andrew Misek: Andrew is currently 22yrs old, he is active in his community serving his local church and family. I have always wanted to be my own boss. It's been an honor to take care of the customers over these last several years.


Mitchel Engel: Mitchel has been running Charles A Cut Above for Three Years and also did six years of supervising; and being a leader. Which now is in the past;

and now part owner of Andrew’s Lawn Care bringing a great partnership. 

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